Ribbon cutting at Jane & Evie’s Used Books

June 9, 2022

Congratulations on your very successful ribbon cutting Jane & Evie’s Used Books by Oceanside Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Ashton, Victoria Carlbog held on June 9, 2022! It was attended by our awesome Mayor Esther Sanchez, former Mayor/Council Member Peter Weiss, Chief Operating Officer Director of Business Development Gumaro Escarcega??, Salome Tash District Representative, Congressman Mike Levin, Fernando Hernandez Field Representative, Assembly member Tasha Horvath, Oceanside Sea Lion Club Princess Emily Dikitanan, Teen Princess Sabrina Zary, President/community liaison Pam Pahnke, 2nd Vice President Zucette Lumabas?, Splash, Robyn Palmer Carlson, Gina Roman, Elizabeth Carlson, etc…picture is worth a thousand words. It was well attended! A great asset to the city! One can borrow a book and read at the beach. That’s the wonderful life.

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