Oceanside Sea Lions Club sponsor Miss Oceanside & Miss Teen Oceanside Scholarship Pageant

June 4, 2022

Congratulations winners at Miss Oceanside & Miss Teen Oceanside Scholarship Pageant: Miss Oceanside Rebeca Casanova, 1st Princess Andrea Barba, 2nd Princess Emily Dikitanan, 3rd Princess Arlette Martinez, Miss Teen Princess Senna Zimmerman, 1st Teen Princess Lily Teta, 2nd Teen Princess Gabriela Kacanowski, 3rd Teen Princess Sabrina Zary held on June 4, 2022 at the Star Theatre.Thank you to the judges who did an outstanding job: Ron Owens, Michael Vasquez, Wendy Callahan, Breann Clapper, Kaanchan S. Farkiya, Dr. Toni Ann Cafaro, Brian Clapper, Stephen Scott, Lisa Graham Wright. We appreciate the support from Mayor Esther Sanchez, Cheryl Robinson and her 2 grandkids, all the Oceanside former royalties, and other visiting royalties. A big shout out to the Lion volunteers: President Pam Pahnke, 1st VP Belle Limoge, 2nd VP Zucette Lumabas, Treasurer Carol Boyer, Lion Marc Manlapaz, Lion Rose Teding, Tail Twister Mel Lopez, Director Cal Coleman, Lion Julie Hiltsley, Lion Carmen Rocha, Lion Virgie Fleming, Lion Liz Latasa, Lion George Mitchell, Lion JM Ureta, David De Luna, Rose Lewis. It was very successful and well attended. The program went smoothly. People were happy. They are looking forward already for the next year pageant. Thank you to everyone and anyone we have missed.

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