ceanside Sea Lion visits Coffee with a Cop

June 28, 2017

Robert Lindquist and Oceanside Sea Lions director Zucette Lumabas went to visit our heroes OPD at Coffee with a Cop at Starbucks, Oceanside, CA on June 28, 2017. We thanked our heroes OPD for everything good they do for the community, saving and protecting lives. I'm glad to introduce Robert to this fun group of OPD. Yes Sgt. Kedrick Sadler handsome #4 I have not forgotten. I guess handsome # 1 Capt. Fred Armijo is not back yet. And I just missed seeing handsome #2 Lt. Taurino Valdovinos. (#1 with Tammy) Handsome #3 Capt. Sean Marchand was not around. Ok! Here you are Officer Tom Cahill handsome #5. Hhhhmmm I also like Officer Adam Stingley for his patience, tolerance and understanding of me when I talked to him??. His smiling face never changed. Council Member Jack Feller and Eileen Lohner-Turk were some of the visitors. We pray for the safety of our heroes the OPD and OFD.

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