Meet the City of Oceanside

April 28, 2022

The annual MEET THE CITY OF OCEANSIDE reception by Oceanside Chamber of Commerce was held on April 28, 2022 at El Corazon Aquatics Center. This event gives Oceanside Chamber of Commerce members and guests, the opportunity to connect with local elected officials, City of Oceanside staff members, other businesses, and community leaders. It was a very successful event, lots of socialization, seeing friends we haven’t seen for long time, meeting new people! It was wonderful to see all these amazing people, Who’s who in our city, Mayor Esther Sanchez, Supervisor Jim Desmond, Deputy Ryan Keim, Council Member Peter Weiss, City Clerk Zeb Navarro, City Treasurer Victor Roy, Oceanside Fire Department Fire Chief Rick Robinson, Acting Deputy Chief/Division Chief/Fire Marshal David Parsons, Division Chief Peter Laurence, Lifeguard Capt. William Curtis, Oceanside Police Department h#1 Police Fred Armijo, h#3 Capt. Kedrick Sadler, h#2 Capt. Sean Marchand, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Ashton, Porche Copeland, Margery Benkaci, Victoria Carlborg, Rosie Hurt, Former CEO OCC David Nydegger, Main Street CEO Rick Wright, Chief Operating Officer, Gumaro Escarcega Director of Business Development, Operations coordinator Bobbie Mills, Chief Police Officer Miracosta College Valencia Warner-Saadat, Lisa Frost from Patch, Frontwave CEO Bill Birnie, Director of Community Development Chip Dykes, Oceanside Historical Society Director Kristi Hawthorne, KOCT Executive Director Carly Starr Niles, Former Director of Neighborhood Services Margery Pierce and others who were there. The list was in the program: OCC board of directors, sponsors, etc… What a wonderful and fun evening! Great venue, ambience. Yummy food! Oceanside Sea Lions Club 2nd Vice President Zucette Lumabas enjoyed the event.

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