Pageant orientation

March 21, 2022

Oceanside Sea Lions Club had a successful pageant orientation on March 21, 2022 at the Mission Public Library. Thank you Miss Oceanside Erika Atienza, Miss Princesses Elizabeth Carlson, Andrea Barba, Teen Princesses Marlie Wright, Rebecca Casanova. They were awesome. It was great to see our dedicated & fabulous officers and members helping out. Thank you Lion Tamer Mel Lopez for taking these beautiful pictures and distributing the programs. VP1 Belle Limoge who helped put forms on the tables and Lion Esther Francia Adversalo were signing in the Miss Contestants. Treasurer Carol Boyer and Lion Susan Batel were signing in the Miss Teen contestants. Tail Twister Ysela Castillo Sharp asked the contestants about their available time for having their pictures taken. Lion Julie Hiltsley was helping. Lion Rose Orbon Teding was wonderful presenting how to make their ad page. Amazing President/Pageant Coordinator Pam Pahnke presented well the pageant and introduced us. She started the Miss Oceanside in 1979, then brought it to Oceanside Sea Lions Club in 1981. She also teaches the contestants to develop and prepare for the pageant. PP/VP2 Zucette Lumabas was very happy that she included the Miss Teen during her presidency so it became Miss Oceanside & Miss Teen Oceanside Scholarship Pageant in 2010! Zucette also included pageant winners (not only the queens) to attend events and activities starting 2009. They were presented when they win and had a proclamation to recognize their accomplishments. The winners become ambassadors to the City of Oceanside, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and Oceanside Sea Lions Club . Great time to meet people, develop oneself, do wonderful community service! It’s fun, educational, more! Thank you everyone!!! I still had vivid memories when I had to run the other side of the pageant with friends & family’s help. It was tough but we survived! Thank you Jackie Fred Knapp my mentor! We had fun, cutting, pasting and more. I went to her house and office to do the program. Then thank you Tony A. Assigned friends and members different tasks. We made it. Events were successful.

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