Meet the City of Oceanside

January 26, 2017

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce hosted a very successful event " Meet the City of Oceanside" on January 26, 2017 at El Camino Country Club. There was a lot of networking, meeting new people and friends, and "City of Oceanside who's who"! It was awesome to see Re-elect Mayor Jim Wood, Chief Rick Robinson, Council member Esther Sanchez, Council member Jerry Kern, and his wife with titles Blake Kern, Council member Jack Feller, Chef Dan, Oceanside Parks & Recreation Division Manager Eileen Lohner-Turk, Mainstreet Oceanside Program Manager Gumaro Escarcega, PMCU President/ CEO Bill Birnie, OPK Foundation Trustee and other clubs director/trustee Rudy W. Van Hunnick, OCC CEO Scott Ashton, OCC event coordinator Kristi Hawthorne, OCC Membership Director David Zumaya, OCC VP of Business Development Pam Rumer, City of Oceanside Economic Development manager Tracey Bohlen, Cesar Mariscal Waste Management, Library Division Manager Brad Penner, Friends of the library President Ashley Simpkins, Dell Brand Ambassador Emerald Lowe, PMCU Jennifer, Hass Realty CEO Robbie Hass, OMA Executive Director Maria Mingalone, Genentech, there were so many but I don't know the name, some I know I saw but was not able to talk cuz they were conversing with other guests! So many titled guests................I better mention my temporary volunteer positions: Rudy introduced me presently the OPK Foundation Trustee President, others are Oceanside Sea Lion Club (who's pin I was wearing) PP/ Director, FACO IPVP/Corresponding Secretary, 2nd VP Las Madrinas Altar Society, Trustee Women's Club of Oceanside, OCC Ambassador................ the permanent position is Retired Registered Nurse and Volunteer which I will try to maintain.

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